Choose From A Variety of Bronze Memorials

Bronze memorials may be selected in any section of the cemetery and are required in some areas. Bronze memorials vary in size, color, and basic design. Families can choose from many personalization options – some at no additional cost. All bronze memorials are often mounted on granite backers which are also available in a variety of colors.

Regardless of your choice, Maplewood will create a scale drawing of your selection for you to review. You can either accept the drawing or make changes. Once we have your final approval, fabrication will begin.

Bronze Colors

Companion Memorials

Designed with space for two names and accompanying personal information.

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Single Memorials

Designed with space for only one name and accompanying personal information.

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Crypt/Niche Plates

Specifically designed for a mausoleum crypt or niche and available as single or companion plates.

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Vet Markers

Available to any honorably discharged member of the armed forces and provided by the U.S. Government at no cost to the family (installation charges apply). These markers can be ordered for any space or type of burial. Marble and bronze versions are also available.

Bronze Accessories

Cameo – A steel and porcelain replica of your special photo is either mounted on or recessed into your new or existing monument (not available on flush markers)

Emblems – These personalization additions can be included in the design of a new memorial or attached to an existing memorial. Hundreds of emblems are available for you to choose from. Categories include hobbies, religion, occupations, organizations, military, animals, and many more.

Vases – Vases may be included in any new memorial design or added to any existing marker. Depending on the marker type, the vase may be mounted on, within, or beside the marker. Design options and colors are available to choose from.

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