Mausoleum crypts offer an alternative type of final disposition. Crypts are comparable in price to ground burials primarily because a burial vault is not needed. The crypt itself acts like a vault. In addition, the bronze inscription name plate is less expensive than a granite monument used for ground burial. Any type of casket may be used when selecting a mausoleum crypt. Prices do vary depending on the level and type of crypt.

  • All types of caskets may be used when choosing this option (sealed or unsealed, wood or metal)

  • All bodies are required to be embalmed

  • Our chapel is always available for a committal service


Our mausoleum markers are bronze. You may choose to add a vase or cameo to further personalize your crypt. We are happy to answer your questions about mausoleum crypts and help you make the choice that best meets your needs.

We encourage families to pre-pay for the above-mentioned items. Pre-paying – whether in full or in installments – locks in today’s pricing with no finance charge. You don’t need to choose and pay for everything at once. Selecting your space(s) is a great place to start.

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