Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Do you sell artificial flower arrangements?2023-01-24T10:46:29-05:00

Yes. Beginning in late March we offer an assortment of arrangements appropriate for spring/summer. We have saddles, large bouquets, and small bouquets (for crypts/niches). In mid-November we begin selling Christmas/winter arrangements. You can order flowers by stopping in or calling the cemetery office. If you are ordering from out of town, our grounds crew will place the flowers for you.

Can you help me locate a grave?2023-01-16T10:25:51-05:00

Yes. Our staff can assist you in locating a specific grave and making a map to guide you to the site.

Can I designate who can be buried in spaces I have purchased?2023-01-16T10:26:12-05:00

Yes. As the owner of the property, you may designate anyone you wish to be buried in a specific space before the time of need. The designation needs to be filed in our office and notarized. You may change this designation at any time, and you retain ownership and control of the property.

Can two people be buried in the same space?2023-01-24T10:46:11-05:00

Yes. Although this option isn’t available in every situation, a 2nd Right is an option in many cases. Call our office for more information.

Can I make a payment over the phone?2023-01-24T10:43:15-05:00

Yes. Making a payment over the phone is easy. Call our office with your payment information and we will process your payment.

Can I scatter my loved one’s remains at Maplewood?2023-01-24T10:45:52-05:00

Yes. We do offer a scattering option in The Woods here at Maplewood.

Does Maplewood sell monuments and memorials?2024-02-05T11:21:09-05:00

Yes. You can select, personalize, and purchase your granite monuments or bronze memorials here at Maplewood (sometimes referred to as headstones, tombstones, or gravestones) . We can walk you through the many options available.

Can I make a payment online?2023-03-06T15:03:01-05:00

Yes. Click on the “Make a Payment” link at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

Can I choose an automatic payment option?2023-08-10T10:50:26-04:00

Yes. Please fill out an automatic payment form and return it to our office.

Can I purchase a memorial tree for my loved one and plant it at Maplewood?2023-01-24T10:41:51-05:00

Yes. You do have the option of purchasing a memorial tree. We are happy to discuss this option with you. This is a great way to honor your loved one and add to the beauty of the grounds here at Maplewood.

What can I do with my loved one’s cremated remains?2023-01-24T10:41:08-05:00

There are many options to choose from when selecting a final resting place for cremated remains.

Does Maplewood sell burial vaults?2023-08-10T10:50:50-04:00

Yes. We can help you make a burial vault selection at the time of need or when you come in to pre-plan for your future needs.

Can I purchase a monument or memorial at Maplewood and place it at another cemetery?2024-02-05T11:22:03-05:00

Yes, you can purchase a monument or memorial (sometimes referred to as headstones, tombstones, or gravestones) at Maplewood for placement at another cemetery. We can walk you through that process.”

Who is responsible for leveling and seeding of graves?2023-01-16T10:30:08-05:00

Leveling and seeding a grave is something that our grounds crew takes care of after a burial.

Can I sell my burial space?2023-01-16T10:30:27-05:00

Yes. It is up to you to find a buyer and set the price. There is official paperwork that needs to be filled out and notarized, as well as a fee for a new certificate of ownership. Once you have identified a buyer, call our office and we will walk you through the rest of the process.

Does the cemetery have copies of the death certificate?2023-01-16T10:30:44-05:00

No. Contact the funeral home for more information about obtaining death certificates.

How can I decorate my loved one’s grave?2024-07-11T12:50:16-04:00

Decorating regulations vary according to the type of burial location. Refer to our Rules and Regulations handbook. You can also print a Decorating Policy handout that specifically addresses decorating here at Maplewood.

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