Ground burial is what most people think of when they consider their final resting place.

  • Choose a space to meet your family’s needs (location and number of spaces)

  • All types of caskets may be used (sealed or unsealed, wood or metal)

  • A vault is required

When choosing a traditional ground burial, your options for a marker are virtually endless. You can choose from bronze or granite – each option with its own unique characteristics and variations. You can browse many marker styles on our website and our staff is available to walk you through the design process.


When choosing a marker here at Maplewood the customization and personalization possibilities available to you are nearly endless. Whether choosing a bronze memorial or granite monument, there are a wide variety of options related to the color of the bronze or granite, the type of marker, and the size of the marker. We consider it a privilege to guide you through the many options available, and we are confident that you will find the unique touches that will make the monument a meaningful tribute to your loved one. While you are in our office we will create a drawing of your monument so you will have a good sense of how the finished monument will look. Many design options are featured on this website.

We encourage families to pre-pay for the above-mentioned items. Pre-paying – whether in full or in installments – locks in today’s pricing with no finance charge. You don’t need to choose and pay for everything at once. Selecting your space(s) is a great place to start.

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There are many difficult decisions to be made in life and normally you have the help and support of your spouse or loved ones. Why should the decision of your final resting place be any different? We can help you and your family make your decision a little easier with the variety of burial options available.