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Welcome to our blog


This is where you can come to find out about things happening here at Maplewood Cemetery.  Such as clean up times, decoration ect.

You can also leave a comment here.  if you have something that you would like to know and do not want it on the Blog feed. Please follow the contact us at the top of the page.


By maplewoodce41559396, Apr 26 2016 03:01PM

We are pleased to announce that you are now able to post a blog on our website! Among other things, we will use this media, as one means, to keep you informed on various topics. We also hope to educate and address why we do some of the things we do at Maplewood Cemetery.

Mother's Day decorations will remain on the graves until three days after Memorial Day. Please note ANY AND ALL decorations using glass, ceramic or metal frames are not permitted and will be removed. The reason for this is out of safety for our staff, visitors as will as the maintenace of equipment.

Our office will be open Saturday, Sunday of Memorial Day week-end. Closed on Monday. We will have a Memorial Day Service at the cemetery at Noon. All are welcome to attend!

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